Hacksaw Ridge


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Explores the riveting true story, the gripping testimony, and the unique religious beliefs that drove Desmond Doss, the hero of the Hollywood blockbuster Hacksaw Ridge.

“Lord, help me get one more. Just one more.”

Desmond Doss was no ordinary soldier. A man of simple but earnest faith, he served his country as a medic during World War II, but he refused to carry a weapon, even into the heat of battle, earning him the ridicule of his commanding officers and fellow soldiers.

Yet in one of the war’s deadliest confrontations in the Pacific Theater, as his comrades retreated under a hail of mortar fire and bullets, Doss bravely refused to leave the wounded behind on the battlefield dubbed Hacksaw Ridge. Wounded and bloodied, he repeatedly crawled back and forth through mud, blood, and destruction across enemy lines—rescuing 75 fellow soldiers from certain death.

For his exceptional valor, Doss was the first ever conscientious objector to be awarded America’s Congressional Medal of Honor.

What could inspire such conviction and bravery? What drove his heroism, not only on the battlefield but to stand for his principles without compromise? Hero of Hacksaw Ridge explores his riveting true story and his gripping testimony, but it also takes you deeper behind the scenes into the religious beliefs that drove Desmond Doss, the church he attended, and the truths on which he stood boldly. It will not only inspire you, it will give you the strength to stand for what matters most!

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